Saturday, January 29, 2011

My two seconds of fame

Way back in 1991, GamePro magazine used to have a section called "Secret Weapons And Tactics" (S.W.A.T.) where people could send in their hints, tricks, passwords and such and if they printed them in the magazine, the submitter would get a free GamePro t-shirt.
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One of my tips was printed on page 62 of the June 1991 issue. It was for the NES game "Maniac Mansion".

Maniac Mansion (NES)

Inner Door Combination
To open the inner door of the lab, don't
fix the wiring in the attic and the combi-
nation will remain 0000.
Chris Pepin, Escanaba, Michigan
Jason Price of Trappe, MD and Nathan Park of Sumiton, AL also submitted tips for Maniac Mansion in the same issue. I received a free GamePro T-shirt for my tip which was neat, but quite frankly the shirt was pretty ugly looking. Oh well, I wore it anyway. I later went on to write a FAQ for the NES version of Manaic Mansion that can be found over at

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