Saturday, November 13, 2010

Darkwing Duck

Out of all the Disney Afternoon cartoons, Darkwing Duck is probably my favorite. As a spin-off of Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck shares several characters from it's parent series such as Launchpad McQuack and Gizmo Duck. The series was smart, funny, and very well scripted with great characters. 

Darkwing Duck Volume One is available on DVD and features the two part pilot (Darkly Dawns the Duck) as well as an additional 25 episodes.

Darkwing Duck Volume Two features an additional 27 episodes on DVD. Here comes the bad news however, ninety-one episodes of Darkwing Duck were produced but only fifty-four have been released on DVD so far. Volume two was release back in 2007 and volume three is still AWOL. When we'll ever get the remaining episodes is anybody's guess.

BOOM! Kids recently came out with a four issue Darkwing Duck mini-series comic book earlier this year that proved to be so popular they decided to turn it into an ongoing monthly comic series instead. I'm not talking mildly popular either. The first issue sold out and they had to go back and reprint it SEVERAL times. This was totally unexpected and Disney is taking notice. Hopefully with all this excitement over Darkwing Duck, Disney will finally release the final episodes on DVD. In the mean time, pick up the currently available DVD sets and check out the Trade Paperback collection of the first four issues of the Darkwing Duck comic called Darkwing Duck: Duck Knight Returns.

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