Monday, October 11, 2010

The Complete Peanuts

Fans of comic strips know how poorly most comic strips are treated when it comes to being reprinted. Shoddy printing, poor image quality, strips missing or censored, poor paper stock, cheap bindings, etc.  That, of course, assumes a particular strip gets reprinted at all. Thankfully, in the last couple of years several high quality compilations with extremely good reproduction quality have appeared. The trendsetter however is the fantastic work done by Fantagraphics Books on The Complete Peanuts.  These gorgeous hardcovers reprint the entire run of Peanuts in twenty-five volumes. Each book covers roughly two years worth of strips and are worth every penny.  They can be bought individually or in slipcases that contain two volumes each.  Fourteen of the twenty-five volumes have been released so far.

Roughly 2,000 (yes that's right 2,000!) Peanuts strips have never been collected before in book form so this will be the first time many people will get a chance to see them. If you love comic strips and/or love Peanuts, you NEED to start picking these up. They are that good! So run on down to your local bookstore or head on over to Amazon and pick up the first boxset. You won't regret it!

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