Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Carl Barks Big Book of Barney Bear

Carl Barks, creator of Uncle Scrooge, is well known among comics enthusiasts for his amazing work on Disney's Donald Duck Comics. Now that those are finally being reprinted (read more about that here) some of his lesser know works are finally getting reprinted as well. IDW and Yoe Books have partnered up to bring us the Carl Barks Big Book of Barney Bear. This reprints all of the Carl Barks Barney Bear stories along with an introduction and cover painting by Jeff Smith (creator of Bone). Barney Bear, like Donald Duck, is always scheming up one thing or another and dragging his poor friend Benny Burro into the mix with comedic results. There's a reason Carl Barks is known as a master of comic book storytelling and it's quite obvious when you read his work. Pick up a copy to tide you over until the first volume of Donald Duck is released, you won't regret it.


Carl Barks Big Book of Barney Bear 

Disclaimer:  We get a small percentage of the sale price if you buy through this Amazon.com link. If you would like to support this blog, then please purchase through this link, but don't feel like you have to. If you can find it cheaper someplace else than purchase it there, especially if it's your locally owned mom and pop book store or comic shop.

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