Monday, December 6, 2010

The Runaway Robot

"The Runaway Robot" by Lester del Ray is a fun juvenile science fiction novel about a boy named Paul who lives on Ganymede with his family and his robot Rex. When his family gets transferred back to Earth, they can't afford to take Rex with them, so Paul and Rex run away and attempt to smuggle themselves back to Earth and have several exciting adventures in the process.

Did you know that Lester del Ray didn't actually write this book? While Lester del Ray did write the outline, it was actually ghost written by Paul W. Fairman who I've mentioned before as the author of "The Forgetful Robot".

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  1. People who don't get this book complain about it being dated: that's really too bad! At 49, I still consider it one of my all time favorite books. All too often adult sc-fi is too contrived and cluttered up with trying to impress the reader with technojunk. Del Ray and Fairman came up with a book that has a very good story arc: people may enjoy this book if they're a fans of the first season of Lost In Space, especially the first five episodes, or Disney's "Man In Space" TV shows from he 1950's...